Dr. Alexander Natan

נתן אלכסנדר

Natan Sandor

Born in Érsekújvár (Nové Zámky) on 20.11.1907

Died in 1971 in Israel

Member of “Hatzionim Haclali’im”




Before the war broke out, Natan was an officer in the Hungarian army. He operated in the “Glass House” on 29, Vadász Street where many young Jews who had been discharged or had escaped from forced labor, found refuge. Some of them were armed. Natan and his friends broke down the common wall with the adjacent cellar that used to be the office of the Hungarian Football Association and moved some of the youngsters there. When the Hungarian fascists broke into the “Glass House” and took about 1,500 Jews who were staying there to the street in order to lead them to the banks of the Danube and shoot them, the armed youngsters were ready to break out and rescue them. Natan, who was their commander, restrained them and his decision was the right one as the Jews eventually returned to the House. Thanks to his decision bloodshed was averted.
After the liberation Natan was the manager of the Eretz-Israel Office in Budapest. He made aliya, lived in Jerusalem and held high positions in the Jewish Agency in Jerusalem.