Amram Amir

Amir Amram

Amir Amram – Grünwald Alfréd
Born on 1.2.1923
Died on 3.6.1998 in Israel
Member of “Hashomer Hatzair”

Amram came from a well-to-do, strictly traditional family who were in the timber business. He studied at a yeshiva and also learned carpentry. He joined “Hashomer Hatzair” and lived with his comrades in a “Heim” (a shared rented room) where he met his girlfriend and future wife, Marcsa Spinner. He gave assistance to the refugees who arrived from Slovakia to Hungary. Amram was enlisted in a forced labor unit. Marcsa and Efra Teichman (Agmon), who were central activists in the movement, tried to help him escape from service in the forced labor camp in Tata and to arrive in Budapest in order to join the Relief and Rescue Committee train to Switzerland. Amram and his friend, Mordehai Fraenkel, were late and the train left without them. Eventually, Amram succeeded in crossing the border, reaching Romania and, from there, with Marcsa, Eretz Israel (Palestine). He joined Kibbutz Ein Dor.