Pnina Blum

בלום פנינה

Kaufmann Magda

Born in Kassa (Košice) on 9.6.1925

Died on 1.11.2020

Member of “Bnei Akiva”

In 1941 Pnina and her family were sent to the Garany detention camp because they could not prove their Hungarian citizenship. They were deported to the east, to Tchortkov. Pnina managed to return to Budapest, got hold of forged documents and worked for the underground. She distributed forged documents, maintained contact with her comrades and helped Jews leave Hungary illegally. After the liberation Pnina took care of orphaned Jewish children and prepared them for aliya. Her parents perished in the Holocaust.
Pnina made aliya in 19467. She lives in Ramat Ef’al- Ramat Gan.
P. B. published her autobiography in Hebrew in 2006:
Pa’amayim Shoa – (Twice Shoa)