Herrman Seidenfeld

זיידנפלד צבי

Seidenfeld Hermann Tzvi ‘Sidi’

Born on 2.7.1922 in Ungvár (Uzhorod)

Died in 2012

Member of “Bnei Akiva”

In his young days, Herrman worked in his family’s business in Ungvár. In 1943 moved to Budapest, and in 1944, instead of joining to a forced labor unit he hid, thanks to Aryan documents.
Member of Bnei Akiba in his hometown as of the age of 15, he continued in Budapest his active involvement in the movement at a time when the authorities forbade all Zionist activities. After the German occupation of Hungary, “Sidi” distributed forged documents among his comrades. While holding unfilled forms of such documents, he was captured and taken to the “Arrow Cross” headquarters. After being tortured, he was handed over to the Germans; being in severe condition he was hospitalized in the Jewish hospital. Following his release from the hospital by his comrades, “Sidi” was liberated in the “Glass House” on 18.1.1945. After the war he was active in restoring the Bne Akiba movement, and made aliya in 1946. In 1956 “Sidi” joined his brother and his business in the United States. By now he is retired and lives in USA.