Tzvi Leibovics

Leibovitch Zvi

Leibovics Hirsch

Born in Kökényes (Ternove) on 8.10.1923

Member of “Dror Habonim”

Tzvi was an underground activist for the movement. From 1943 he lived in Budapest, set up and equipped bunkers in the Máramaros County. In April 1944 one of the bunkers was discovered and some of the occupants were caught but under cover of darkness Tzvi succeeded in escaping. He enlisted in a forced labor unit where he served until the liberation. After the war he collected Jewish children and took them to children’s houses. Tzvi arrived with 130 children in Germany where a kibbutz by the name of Hanna Szenes was set up.
He made aliya and resides in Bat Yam.