Tzvi Lipkovics

Lipkowitz Zvi

Lipkovics Gyorgy

Born in Tokaj on 18.9.1924

Murdered in 1944

Member of “Hashomer Hatzair”

Tzvi joined the movement in 1938. From April 1944 he was sent by the movement on missions to country towns in order to warn the local Jews of what lay in store for them and to give them forged documents. On one of these missions he was sent with Hillel Hakohen, Yitzhak Rotman and Yehuda Alpár to the South Transylvania area to open a route to Romania via the town of  Brašov. All four men were caught, put into a train wagon and deported to Auschwitz. When the train crossed Slovakia, Hillel Hakohen, Tzvi Lipkovics and Yehuda Alpár jumped off the wagon. Tzvi was shot and killed by “Hlinka Guard” people. Hillel Hakohen was saved and joined the underground activities.