Tzipora Mann

Mann Erika Zipora

Mann Erika

Born in Budapest in 1925

Died in Budapest in 1945

Member of “Hanoar Hatzioni”

Tzipora joined “Hanoar Hatzioni” at the age of thirteen. At the end of 1943 she dealt with obtaining Aryan documents from various government offices. Tzipora assisted the organizers of the bunkers which she provided with equipment, food and medicines. She tried to leave Hungary within the framework of the tiyul but was caught in Békéscsaba, interrogated under torture and imprisoned in a detention camp. After the Arrow Cross rose to power on 15.10.1944, she was taken to Budapest and succeeded in escaping. She went to Mérleg Street, to Department A of the International Red Cross. With the help of Ottó Komoly, who was the head of the Relief and Rescue Committee, she moved to the children’s house on Orsó Street, the “Glass House” and then Wekerle Street. As a result of the beatings, her kidneys were injured and Tzipora died in the winter of 1945.