Dr. Károly Szendrő

Sandru Karoly

Szendrő Károly  

Born in Ballasagyarmat in 1913

Died in July 1985 in Israel

Member of the “Gordon” and “Borohov” Circles

Károly completed his law studies in Budapest. From 1938 he was an active Zionist within the framework of the Hungarian Zionist Association and a member of the national leadership of the “Gordon Circle” which was connected with “Hashomer Hatzair”. From 1942 until the end of 1943 Károly served in a forced labor unit. In 1944 he was active in the “Glass House” and a member of the management until the city was liberated by the Red Army (18.1.1945).
From 1945 to 1948 Károly was a member of the executive committee of the Hungarian Zionist Association for the “Borohov Circle” and served as its representative in the B’riha operation. He held the position of head of the personnel department in the Hungarian Joint. In 1949 Károly made aliya illegally from Hungary. In Israel he worked for many years in the Settlement Department of the Jewish Agency until he retired in 1978.