Eliezer Kadmon


Kepes László

Born in Eperjeske in 1924

Died in 2011

Member of “Hanoar Hatzioni”


Eliezer was brought up on a farm in the countryside. From the age of ten he studied at the Jewish high school in Debrecen, where he joined the “Hanoar Hatzioni” movement. At the time of the German invasion in March 1944, Eliezer was working in Budapest in an indispensable factory producing for the German army. Equipped with Aryan documents, he went under the name of László Koltai. Thanks to his Aryan appearance and his command of German, he took part in underground activities wearing the uniform of the Hungarian army with the rank of lieutenant. Eliezer was active within the framework of Department A of the International Red Cross, in the children’s houses that were set up by the Zionist movements and in the Protected Houses where Jews were spared.
Within the framework of his activities Eliezer went to the foreigners’ police, government offices and even the Gestapo headquarters on Schwabs Hill in Buda, the hilly part of the capital. He distributed Swiss Protection Documents and maintained contact with those serving in forced labor units in the city and its surroundings.
When the Death March was on its way to the Reich, Eliezer, driving a truck and carrying Swiss Protection Documents, followed the marchers and managed to liberate many Jews.
During the final stage of the blockade on the capital he joined the auxiliary unit of the armed forces, “Kiska”. Jews, among whom there were members of the Zionist movements, served in this unit. The commander of the unit was Lajos Gidófalvy who was killed in the battles for the city and who, years later, was recognized as a “Righteous Gentile”. Eliezer represented the unit at the area’s headquarters where the daily password was given which he passed on to the underground activists. Later the unit was dismantled by the fascists. Its members ran away and found a refuge until the liberation.
After the end of the war Eliezer was active in the B’riha. He made aliya. He was an economist and lived in Rosh Ha’ayin.