Rudolf Weisz

וייס רודולף

Weisz Rudolf

Born in 1893

Died in Israel

Member of the “Gordon” and “Borohov” Circles

Rudolf learned to be a printer. He served five years in the Hungarian Navy during World War I. He was a member of the Hungarian Socialdemocrat Party. In 1930, following his wife, Aranka  Herceg, he joined the Zionist activities. After the German invasion of Hungary on 19.3.1944, he cooperated with the members of the Zionist youth movements, was a consultant for the forgery of documents and helped obtain the equipment for the laboratory. Rudolf was active within the framework of the International Red Cross and in the “Glass House”. He was also responsible for the logistics of the delivery of goods. He delivered food and heating materials to the starving ghetto. He was caught and taken to the prison on Margit Boulevard and then to the Gestapo Headquarters. He was tortured and interrogated but managed to get released. Towards the end of the war he stayed at the branch of the Swiss consulate on Wekerle Street where members of the Zionist youth movements operated. After the liberation he managed the transportation department of the Joint.
In 1950 he made aliya and worked as a printer.