Rahel Deutsch

Deutsch Rachel

Tornay Agnes  

Born in Nyiregyháza on 12.1.1924

Died in Ein Dor on 11.08.2014

Member of “Hashomer Hatzair”

Rahel joined the movement where she met her future husband, Ya’akov Deutsch.
In 1942 she moved to Budapest with Ya’akov and gave assistance to the Jewish refugees who arrived from Slovakia to Hungary. Because of her mother’s illness Rahel returned to her hometown and passed on all the information she had about the extermination of Jews in the countries occupied by the Germans. Most Jews did not want to believe her and only some of the youngsters were willing to assume a borrowed identity. Rahel returned to Budapest and, after some time, she found refuge on the estate of Christian acquaintances.
At the end of June 1944 Rahel and Ya’akov left Budapest on the train of the Relief and Rescue Committee and arrived in Switzerland. In 1945 they received certificates, made aliya and joined Kibbutz Ein Dor.