Shulamit Lack

לאק שולמית

Gara Mária

Born in Budapest on 22.2.1924

Died in 2007 in USA.

Member of “Hanoar Hatzioni”

In 1944 Shulamit distributed forged documents in the Hungarian country towns. She turned her apartment in Budapest into a shelter for the refugees on their way to Romania within the framework of the tiyul. Shulamit herself tried to cross the border into Romania but was caught, incarcerated in the Nagyvárad prison and later deported to Auschwitz and other camps. Shulamit made aliya in 1945 and participated in the War of Independence. She was awarded with a medal of “Fighter aginst the Nazis”. She was married to Dov Broshi. After her second marriage she moved to the United States.