Shmuel Arie Schwartz

Schwartz Shmuel

Schwartz Samu

Born in Szikszó in 1894

Died in Tel-Aviv in 1953

Member of “Mizrahi”

Shmuel was drafted to the Hungarian army and fought as an officer in WW I. He stayed in an Italian prisoners’ camp for a year and a half. After he returned from the war, he became a dedicated Zionist. In 1944 Shmuel gave assistance to Jewish refugees who arrived in Budapest from Slovakia. In May to June 1944, the tiyul to Romania for the “Bnei Akiva” movement was planned from his house. He used forged Aryan documents. Shmuel was among the 24 official employees of the “Glass House” on 29, Vadász Street in Budapest and took part in the underground activities. After the liberation he was active in the B’riha. At the Zionist Congress in 1946 he participated as an observer on behalf of his movement. In 1949 Shmuel made aliya. He died four years later.