Shmuel ‘Koli’ Weisz

Weisz Sándor

Weisz Sándor

Born in Kassa (Košice) in 1926

Died in 2015

Member of “Beitar”

Shmuel joined the movement at the age of ten. In 1941 he helped refugees from Poland move to Budapest. In 1944, after the Germans  ccupied his town and concentrated the Jews in the ghetto,  Shmuel ran away to Budapest under a fictitious identity. In the Hungarian capital he became an underground activist and mainly forged and distributed documents. At the beginning of June 1944 Shmuel was turned in to the Gestapo by an informer, tortured and taken to the central military prison in Budapest. From there he was sent to the Sárvár concentration camp and then deported to Auschwitz. From Auschwitz he was transferred to Buchenwald and from there to the Magdeburg camp where he did forced labor for six months. He was returned to Buchenwald and later liberated by the American army.
He spent two months in hospital and, after he recovered, he went to Karlovy Vary to complete his studies. In 1946 he got on his way to Eretz Israel (Palestine) in the framework of Aliya Bet.
He stayed in Belgium for about nine months and in Cyprus for about a year. Shmuel worked for the IDF as a civilian for eight years. He opened an independent technical office and was a partner in many defense projects. He resided in Herzliya.