Sándor Grozinger, Dr.

גרוזינגר שנדור

Grosinger Sandor

Born on 27.2.1916 in Méhtelek

Passed away in 1966 in Australia

Member of “Hanoar Hatzioni”

Sándor was born in a large pious Jewish family. He studied in a heder in his village and later in Nagybánya and Debrecen. He studied at the Rabbinical Seminary in Budapest and learned to be a tailor. Sándor also did a doctorate in history in Budapest. In the year 1942 he earned a Ph. degree in philosophy at the University of Pázmány Péter in Budapest. He returned to Debrecen and was Rabbi Meir Weiss’ deputy. Sándor taught at the local Jewish high school and was active in the Zionist movement in the framework of “Hatzionim Haclali’im”. At the beginning of 1944 he moved to Budapest and joined the “Hanoar Hatzioni” movement. Sándor engaged in obtaining documents. He was the assistant of Ottó Komoly, president of the Hungarian Zionist Association who was at the head of the Relief and Rescue Committee. Sándor’s role was to take care of the fugitives from forced labour units. He emigrated to Australia in 1950 where he died.