Shraga Weil

Weil Shraga

 Weil Ferenc Ferdinand

Born in Nyitra (Nitra) on 24.9.1919

Died on 21.2.2009 in Israel

Member of “Hashomer Hatzair”


The family moved to Bratislava and Shraga joined the movement in 1931. He studied at an art school in Prague. In 1941 he married Sarah Taub. Shraga worked as a building draftsman. When the deportations from Slovakia started in 1942, the couple moved to Budapest. They were caught by the Hungarian police and imprisoned for about a year. After the German invasion of Hungary on 19.3.1944, Shraga engaged in forging documents with Dan Zimmerman and David Gur. He returned to Slovakia with Sarah and, in 1945, they were liberated by the Red Army.
Shraga returned to Hungary and integrated the movement’s activities, mainly with the mission of helping young Jews to make aliya.
In 1947 Shraga and Sarah made aliya. Shraga is a member of Kibbutz Ha’ogen. He is a painter, a multi-faceted artist and one of the outstanding artists in Israel.