Asher Einhorn

איינהורן אנשל

Asher Einhorn
Einhorn Anschel
Born in Irhóc (Vilhivci) on 17.6.1915
Died in April 1986 in Israel
Member of “Dror Habonim”


From 1933 Asher took part in Zionist activities in the Carpathian Mountains as a member of “Hehalutz Hatzair”. That same year he was sent to Alsókalocsa (Kolocsava) for training towards aliya. He served as the leader of the Técsø area and set up new hahsharot.

At the end of 1937 Asher was enlisted in the army. From 1935 to 1939 he was an activist for “Hehalutz Hatzair”. In 1942 he was arrested in his residential town, Aknaszlatina (Szolotvina) because of his Zionist activities and was interrogated for ten days.

At the beginning of 1944 Asher dug bunkers in Kökényes (Ternove) and built a stock of military equipment, arms and ammunitions. On 20.4.1944 Asher was deported to Auschwitz.

After the liberation he returned to Budapest and was chosen as a member of the movement’s central committee and sent to the Carpatho- Ruthenia region to work with the Jewish youths, bring them to Budapest and prepare them for aliya. In Budapest he trained olim, organized a seminar in Yiddish and was also one of the lecturers.

On 9.7.1945 Asher made aliya with his family on the “Exodus” ship. He lived for a short period of time on a kibbutz but later became one of the founders of Moshav Omer.

Asher wrote a book: “Aviv Aharon” (The Last Spring) about Máramaros Jewry.