Eliezer Even, Dr.‎

אבן אליעזר

Eliezer Even, Dr.‎

Köves László

Born in Székesfehérvár, in 1923

Died on 08.06.2011

Member of “Hanoar Hatzioni”

Eliezer joined the movement in 1933. In as early as 1938 he engaged in obtaining documents for Jews from Slovakia and their relatives who found refuge in Hungary. Together with his father, Eliezer helped two families who managed to escape from the Dachau concentration camp and arrived in Hungary.

In 1943 he took part in the organization of the Balatonboglár camp, in order to train members of his movement for underground and resistance activities. The training camp instructors were members of “Hanoar Hatzioni” who entered Hungary illegally. On 1.4.1944, Eliezer was drafted into a forced labor camp. Together with his comrades he helped a group of Serbian inmates to escape. In August 1944, Eliezer escaped, via Komárom, to Budapest, holding forged documents for himself and ten of his comrades. During a period of three months he was among the suppliers of food to the ghetto and the Protected Houses in the city.

Dr. Even is a teacher, lecturer, and researcher at the “Hadassah” Institute of Educational Research in Jerusalem. In 1988, he went to Hungary on a Zionist mission. He was honored with a special award for his achievements in disseminating the Hebrew language. He is a member of the World Zionist Organization’s Executive Committee. E. E. published his autobiography, in Hebrew,
Avanim Mitgalgelot Besa’ara. (Stones Rolling in the Storm) 2006