Yehuda Ben-David

בן דוד יהודה

Elfer Oszkár

Born in Kassa (Košice) on 7.10.1926

Died in Jerusalem on 22.11.2013

Member of “Hashomer Hatzair”


Yehuda was brought up in an orthodox Jewish family. On 16.4.1944 he fled to Budapest carrying authentic Christian documents bought from a friend in his hometown. Yehuda intended to leave Hungary on the train of the Relief and Rescue Committee but at the Jewish Center he met Rafi Benshalom, who enlisted him in the underground. He took part in the rescue of Jewish young men from the forced labor units and in moving people from the Yellow Star Houses. Yehuda was caught in November 1944 while trying to rescue Jews from a “transport” at the railway station in Újpest, a suburb of Budapest. He was tortured with electric shocks but after a few days he managed to escape and resumed his activities with the underground until the city was liberated by the Red Army in January 1945.
Yehuda made aliya at the end of 1945 and joined Kibbutz Yehiam where he stayed until 1957. He resides in Jerusalem.