Ya’akov Adoram

Adoram Jaov

Adoram Ya’akov – Friedman Károly
Born in Kassa (Košice) on 10.12.1925
Died on 2003 in Israel

Member of “Bnei Akiva”

Ya’akov arrived in Budapest in 1944, adopted an Aryan look and joined the underground activities of his movement. His work consisted of keeping in touch with other members, finding accommodation and forging and distributing forged documents. He also took care of the refugees who arrived in Budapest by supplying them with money, clothes and food. He took part in audacious rescue activities such as the rescue from the Gestapo of the Mizrahi leader in Hungary, Avraham Samuel Benjamin Fraenkel.

In 1946 Ya’akov made aliya on the “Max Nordau” ship and was arrested and detained by the British Forces for a month and a half in the quarantine camp in Atlit. He received a medal for fighting the Nazis and their collaborators.

David Friedman’s brother.