Tzipora Agmon, ‘Tzipi’‎

Schechter Franciska (AGMON ZIPI)

Tzipora Agmon, ‘Tzipi’

Schächter Franciska

Born in Técső (Tyacsiv) on 13.8.1920
Died on 17.10.1966
Member of “Hashomer Hatzair”



“Tzipi” was member of the movement as of 1938. In 1940 she moved to Budapest where she stayed at a hahshara and worked in the field of education in a hostel for apprentices at Zöldmáli Street. In the winter of 1943, suffering from arthritis, she was hospitalized. After the German occupation of Hungary on 19.3.1944, she joined the underground activities. Her assignment was to find apartments suitable for hiding and to distribute forged documents and money all around Hungary, in ghettos and forced labor camps. She participated in a daring action to liberate a member of her movement, Juca, who was detained, hit and tortured in a Gestapo basement at the Topolya detention camp.
After the liberation, “Tzipi” looked for Jewish children and transferred them to children’s houses. She worked as a supervisor and gave the children in the movement’s children’s houses assistance and loving care. In 1947 she made aliya. At first she and her husband Efra lived in Ein Dor and then settled in Kibbutz Ha’ogen. Due to the conditions that prevailed in the underground in Hungary, her illness was not properly treated at the time, and her arthritis turned into a heart disease. She died on the operating table.